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1 Haymarket, Smithfield, Dublin, Ireland
Tue-Fri: 14:00-21:00 | Sat & Sun: 10:00-21:00 | Closed Monday
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WEESCAPE live escape room" is a fun, interactive, live- life escape room game located in Dublin and Cork. Real-life room escape games are adventure games in which you are locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within 60 minutes time limit. WE LOCK YOU UP Your team (2-6 players) go into the escape room and the door closes behind you. Yes, you heard it right. We will lock you up. Our scripts are written to be difficult and challenging but highly possible to achieve success when all members of a team work together as a team and demonstrate group spirit. YOU'VE 60 MINS In this 60-minute fun activity, team members have the opportunity to work on an indoor live escape adventure, practice & analyse their skills in communication, organisation, critical thinking, logic under high pressure .... Time is ticking ...... If you don't escape in time, we will come and rescue you. PLAY WITH 2-6 No way you can get out on your own. You are locked in a room with your team, in a smartly designed environment. The circumstances in the locked room produce one of the greatest team building exercises ever created! Family members, friends, team... Have fun! UNLOCK THE ROOM You will need to solve puzzles, find clues, pass tests of skill, make creative use of strange objects, probably never seen before in order to set yourself free. You may find objects irrelevant. If you move them, put them back at the same place, same position! Analyse, evaluate, solve it and unlock the room! THE ESCAPE ROOMS Taken After losing his wife from a medical mistake, Mr. Jones became very quite and odd…than he disappeared and nobody knows where he is? A year later, doctors were kidnapped from the city…every month…The police couldn’t find any sign of them. Now, it’s your turn. You have only 60 minutes but you should be fast, he is already on his way! Will you be able to escape from a serial killer’s room or you will be stuck inside, forever….? Good luck! Da Vinci Room Only a few knew that the murdered Jacques Saunière curator had a carefully hidden secret room in the Louvre. He hid a message in a Cryptex, that only the initiates can obtain. Now it`s time to unfold the big secret. However, Monsieur Saunière won`t give away so easily... You will be faced with code- breaking, symbolism and association problems and much more...

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