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Imagine a platform that can publish your business and events online, send notifications to your followers, create and sell tickets or take bookings online and manage your guest list.

All from a simple dashboard, that is available from any browser on any device.

Now, imagine your business on YourDaysOut - a SaaS platform that can save you time and help you make money.

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What is Your Days Out?

YDO is a platform that provides tools for business owners and event organisers to engage with existing customers and reach potential new ones.

YDO allows business owners and event organisers to create tickets for an event or take online bookings for parties, camps and general admission  or even run a limited offer deal.

YDO is a community of people sharing information about fun and interesting things to do that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Information is available on farms, theme parks, playgrounds, birthday party venues, indoor family fun, adventure, school tours, summer camps and much, much more.

As the content grows the more useful the site becomes.

People can search and find things to do in their current location, plan ahead for a future vacation or find events on this weekend.

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How does YDO work?

YDO is built on the principal of user-generated content (UGC).

What this means is that anyone in the YDO community can publish a listing for a venue or an event. This can be the owner of a business or event organiser or a just adding details for a free playground or local park.

The type of content that can be included in a free basic listing is:

Once a free listing is published on YDO it can be updated and edited by anyone in the YDO community (this update by anyone feature is called a wiki).

Create a Listing | YourDaysOut

How do I get involved?

Any registered user can add content to the site but must adhere to our Community Standards.

This includes:

How can I control the content about my business?

Some businesses and organisers want more control over the content on their page.  It is possible to upgrade to a Premium Partnership listing to access a full suite of tools and benefits:

Sample Premium Page | YourDaysOut

FOLLOW your favourite page

Never miss your favourite events again!

Scroll through your newsfeed by selecting newsfeed from the menu. This will show you all the recent posts from your favourite pages in chronological order.

Visitors to the site can now select FOLLOW on their favourite page. When you FOLLOW a page, you will be notified when the page posts a new Status in their newsfeed or creates a new event every time you log-in. You can also opt to receive an email alert so you never miss out.

Any visitor can read a page's posts; just select NEWSFEED on any listing to see what's happening.

However, only Premium Partners are able to post any content to their NEWSFEED.

Newsfeed | YourDaysOut

How do I become a premium partner?

Just click on this Claim Your Business link, find your business listing and sign-up. You will be automatically be assigned your page which you will be able to access and update from your profile page.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly at [email protected] and we can help set everything up.

Upgrade to Premium

I have an idea for YDO?

We are always working to improve YDO. Every iteration includes improvements suggested by our community; our users and our business partners.

Please email your ideas and suggestions to us at [email protected].

We would love to hear from you.


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