Farm Pet Parties in Dublin

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Farm Pet Parties in Dublin!

Our safe, friendly animals can visit you in your home/garden for your child's birthday, communion, confirmation or christening. 

We bring along our farmyard marquee so even if it rains, we carry on with the farmyard fun. We bring sheep, lambs, goats, rabbits, ducks, hens, roosters, chicks, ducklings, geese and anything else we have available on the day! Most can be walked on leads and all can be handled and cuddled! We stay around 90 minutes (because this is usually the perfect amount of time) but if we are needed to stay longer this can be arranged.

We have a pet party schedule that we use to keep the party running smoothly! Of course, every party is different so we play this by ear on the day.

1-1.20pm - Meet the rabbits (includes feeding the carrots, and giving lots of cuddles. Some rabbits will happily walk on leads.)

1.20-1.40pm - Take the goats and sheep for a walk!

1.40pm-2pm - Duck baths!

2pm-2.20pm - Feeding the chicks and herding chickens!​

2.20pm - 2.30pm - Free time with the animals. 

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