Old Irish TV ads are now available to watch online

Take a trip down memory lane. © IFI
Take a trip down memory lane. © IFI

Hundreds of old adverts first shown on Irish television up to fifty years ago are now available to view online.

The collection has been created by the Irish Film Institute’s Irish Film Archive following the restoration of old rolls of 35mm film.

The film was previously stored in poor conditions before being transferred to the IFI in the mid-'90s. They have published the adverts following extensive cataloguing and preservation.

The result is a substantial archive of old advertisements from brands ranging including ESB, Cadburys, Aerlingus, Lyons as well as a nostalgic look at JWT, Club, Cadet products.

The IFI says that 'these films may be only seconds long but, taken together, they provide a unique window into Irish society and consumer habits over the course of three decades.

They tell us much about the community they were made for, as well as the era they were made in, reflecting an Ireland of very different social mores, standards, dress sense, and attitudes to gender and race.


Fascinating on many levels, they can be enjoyed from a nostalgic, historical, social or cultural perspective.


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