Couple on all-inclusive holiday refuse to pay in local restaurant

Rhodes is a popular tourist destination in the Greek islands. © File Photo
Rhodes is a popular tourist destination in the Greek islands. © File Photo

All-inclusive holidays are a great way of managing the costs of your summer break.

However, it is important to read the terms and conditions as there are usually some restrictions.

For example, in a lot of resorts, only the local beer and wine is included and you have to pay extra for your favourite brands.

Most guests, though, realise that the deal only applies to goods and services purchased within the resort you are actually staying in.

Most guests!

One British couple walked out of a restaurant in Rhodes without paying and when challenged by the owner showed him their all-inclusive wristband from a nearby resort.

The local paper reported that the couple dined at a restaurant in the busy Old Town on Hippocrates Square. The middle-aged couple had their lunch and even congratulated the restaurant for the quality of food and service before leaving without paying.

When reminded to pay the bill, the couple showed their all-inclusive bracelets to the owner believing that they had free food and drink in restaurants throughout the island!

When told otherwise, the embarrassed couple paid for their meal.

Tommy Tiernan told the story on RTE last night saying that the island of Rhodes is as big as Meath, and it would be the equivalent of someone in Tayto Park trying to use a wristband to pay for something in Navan, 25km away.

Nice try!

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